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We have many beautiful cats of all ages and backgrounds waiting for a home of their very own.
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We are a small charity based in the Reading, Maidenhead and Henley on Thames areas. We aim to rehome our cats and kittens within approximately a 20 mile radius of Henley.

Kittens (Please read our article : Adopting Kittens)

We occasionally have kittens during the winter months, please ring for availability.

Adult cats (Please read our article : Tips on adopting an adult cat)
We have a lot of cats in our care at the moment which are not yet ready to be rehomed. Below are listed some of the cats which are now ready for rehoming. If you do not see what you are looking for please phone us as the situation is always changing as more cats are taken into care.

Meg is a sweet and affectionate 11yr old girl. She came to us after her owner passed away recently. Despite all the change she remains outgoing and loves company. Meg is a lap cat with a soft purr and a gentle nature. Whilst she hasn't lived with children before we think she would love any home where she gets the love and attention she craves. She would suit a home where she is the only animal as she gets jealous if she has to share you with anyone else! She is spayed and microchipped and in good health. Meg will be re-homed under our 'Golden Oldie Scheme'.

Mr Tubbs (tabby) and his sister Martha (black and white) are energetic and playful kittens who are very attached to each other. Now around eight months old, they have been neutered/spayed. Mr Tubbs, while cautious, is purry and sociable. Martha is more reserved. She will play with people she knows, but dislikes being stroked and avoids being picked up. It is likely to take some time for Martha to fully settle into her new home. This lively pair are seeking an understanding family, ideally with some experience of nervous cats.

Patch is a lovely, friendly, semi long haired black and white girl who is 6 years old. She has been a much loved cat and is sadly is looking a new home because her owner is no longer able to care for her. She needs a home without young children or other cats.

Cocoa is a gorgeous black/brown and white long haired 11yr old girl. She came to us after her owner recently passed away. She has a very loud purr and it doesn't take much for her purr to start filling the room! She is slightly timid and would suit a home with older / no children. That being said she is a lap cat who loves being fussed. Whilst she has lived with other cats before, she would suit a home where she is the only animal. Cocoa is spayed and microchipped. Cocoa will be re homed under our 'Golden Oldie Scheme'.

Milo and Charlie are a gentle, sweet natured pair of 6 month old brothers. Milo is a handsome tabby who is the bolder, more out going of the two boys. Charlie is a beautiful, black and white boy, who despite having made progress in his foster home is still timid. They are neutered and microchipped. They will need a quiet home with patient owners where Charlie, in particular, can continue to grow in confidence.

Lily is a pretty, 6 year old long haired tabby. She is a lovely calm cat who will be suited to a family with older children. Lily is spayed, microchipped and her vaccinations are up to date.

Four year old Sid is an incredibly friendly Siamese Cross with beautiful sapphire blue eyes. He is very opinionated, extremely noisy and great fun. He needs a home with people around for most of the day to keep him entertained and give him the attention he craves.

Myrtle is a beautifully marked, tabby and white cat. She is 6 years old, spayed, and microchipped. Myrtle is a talkative, friendly cat who enjoys attention on her terms. She doesn't like being picked up. Myrtle needs an adult only home without any other animals.

Figaro is a large, long haired black and white, 4 year old cat. He is a docile boy, who enjoys attention. He needs a new home where he can be the only cat in the household and without young children.

Sugar is a friendly black and white female cat who we think is around 6/7 years old. She was very nervous when she first arrived, having been a stray for several months before coming into our care. She has made good progress in her foster home and is developing into a lovely cat. Sugar will need a calm home with a patient owner who can give her the love and attention she deserves.

Harry is a semi-longhaired tabby and white male who is 13 years old. He is a very friendly, talkative cat who loves company. Originally a stray, in very bad condition when taken in, Harry was suffering from uncontrolled hyperthyroidism. He was quite literally a bag of bones with a coat so badly matted that some parts had to be shaved off. Once started on medication and a special diet Harry has doubled in weight and has blossomed into a very handsome boy. Harry will need to stay on his medication for the rest of his life but is now able to eat normal senior cat food. He will be rehomed under the Golden Oldie Scheme which means that TVAW will pay for his tablets and the blood tests he will need to monitor the effectiveness of the dosage in the future. The charity will help with the cost of any other treatment he may need for any age related conditions he may develop in the future.

Lion is a massively handsome middle aged tabby. He is looking for a very special home. Having lived rough for a number of years his manners are not the best! However, with time and patience, he is starting to come round. He likes being stroked and has learnt to purr. He appreciates the finer things in life - like an endless supply of Dreamies. He needs a home with no dogs, other cats or young children and with someone who understands how to deal with a very nervous cat. He is a character cat and given a little more time will turn into a wonderful companion.

Minnie and Monty are a delightful mother and son pair of cats looking for a new home together. Minnie is a petite, 10 year old black and white cat who is shy but friendly. Monty is a handsome 9 year old grey and white boy who is a sensitive soul with so much love to give. They have been much loved cats but need a new home due to their owner's change in circumstances.

Sindy is a beautiful dark tortie girl who is reluctantly being re-homed because her elderly owner is no longer able to care for her. She is a very sweet cat, but also very nervous of strangers. She will need a quiet home with no young children, cats or dogs. She will also need a patient, understanding owner who will give her time to come out of her shell. She may go into hiding for the first few days, but once she trusts you she is a wonderful, affectionate companion who loves attention. Sindy enjoys curling up on your lap, she is chatty and sociable around people she knows and trusts. She is house trained, can use a litter tray and cat flap. Sindy loves to go outside and one of her favourite pastimes is rolling around in her patch of Cat Mint. Sindy is about 11 years old, she is in good health with up to date vaccinations. She will be homed under our 'Golden Oldie Scheme'.

Feral cats - we sometimes have feral cats which need homes at smallholdings, stables etc. They will undertake rodent control duties in return for having somewhere warm to sleep and two good meals a day.

We don't have any feral cats at the moment, please ring for availability. More on Feral Cats

These are a few of the cats in our care at the moment. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a ring on either 01189 722082 or 01189 721 871.

Where are the cats?

We have 26 cat houses with 15 of our members mainly within the Reading and Henley on Thames areas, with accommodation for up to 50 cats and kittens.

Will the cats be spayed or neutered?

Yes, all are spayed or neutered before rehoming.

Do I have to make a donation if I offer a home to a cat?

Yes, we recommend a minimum donation of 30 per cat or kitten. We will accept cash or a cheque, this should be given to the fosterer when you collect your cat. We depend on fundraising to pay for food, heating, spaying/neutering and veterinary treatment, so are very grateful for all donations.

Please contact Yvonne on 01189 722082 or Ann on 01189 721871 for further information.

Some of the cats rehomed through this website