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We have many beautiful cats of all ages and backgrounds waiting for a home of their very own.
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We are a small charity based in the Reading, Maidenhead and Henley on Thames areas. We aim to rehome our cats and kittens within approximately a 20 mile radius of Henley.

Kittens (Please read our article : Adopting Kittens)

We have kittens ready to be homed in pairs as well as younger kittens who can be seen and reserved.

Adult cats (Please read our article : Tips on adopting an adult cat)
We have a lot of cats in our care at the moment which are not yet ready to be rehomed. Below are listed some of the cats which are now ready for rehoming. If you do not see what you are looking for please phone us as the situation is always changing as more cats are taken into care.

Max is a 13 year old ginger cat with the playfulness of a kitten when catnip is involved! He enjoys brief visits outdoors, though prefers a nap on a lap with plenty of affection. Max, has a good appetite and will always be by your side for any scraps. As well as a great appetite, being affectionate and friendly, he is well trained with a litter tray, doesn't malt much and is very adaptable in new surroundings providing there's a blanket in a bit of sun. Max would be more relaxed in a house without other cats. He is used to children. Max will be re-homed under our 'Golden Oldie Scheme'.

Daphne is a 5 year old long haired tabby girl. She is microchipped, spayed and is up to date with all vaccinations. She loves to play and her favourite place to relax is on the landing at the top of the stairs. She likes to follow you around the house and will often jump on your lap for cuddles when she wants some fuss (definitely on her own terms). She also likes time to herself. She really loves a face rub and really enjoys her food! She is more of an indoor cat but is happy to venture outside - although doesn't tend to go further than the garden. Daphne really needs to be in a loving forever home with no other pets.

Buddy and Poppy have been living together in a family home for the last three years. They are indifferent to each other so could be homed on their own or as a pair. Buddy is 4 years old neutered black cat with a white face and paws. He has a sweet nature and needs a home with lots of TLC. Poppy is a 3 year old black spayed female with white markings giving the impression of a white moustache! She can't seem to get enough attention or fussing. Both cats are microchipped and their vaccinations, worming and de fleeing are all up to date.

Millie and Moppet are a delightful pair of young cats. Millie a very friendly short haired tabby, who is about 18 months old. She loves attention and is happy to be picked up and cuddled. Moppet, her 5/6 month old, long haired tabby son, is more cautious than his mother, but enjoys being stroked and made a fuss of. Both cats are extremely playful, they will be ideal cats for a family with older children.

Peaches is an extremely pretty 3 month old tortoiseshell kitten. She has had a difficult start in life so is still wary with people she doesn't know. She really needs a home where there are other cats and no young children.

Jessica is a very pretty white and black cat with lovely markings. She is believed to be about a year old but behaves like a kitten. When she is not chasing things around her cathouse like a mad thing, she will make time for a long cuddle. She is a wonderfully loving little cat and tremendously good fun.

Mia is a pretty 2 year old tabby cat. She was very nervous when she first arrived in her foster home but during her time there she has become more confident and friendly with familiar people. She needs a calm home, without children or other animals where she can continue to grow in confidence.

Petic and Matrix are eighteen month old, black and white brothers. Neutered and microchipped, they are seeking a new home due to a change in their owners' circumstances. They are friendly, lively young cats who both enjoy being stroked and played with. To date, they have always lived indoors but would like the opportunity to go outside. Somewhat cautious with new people and situations, they need a family who can help them to gently settle into their new home.

Merlin Merlin is a very handsome 5 year old black cat. Extremely friendly and very amenable. He is always up for a game. He is a very affectionate cat and will make someone an excellent companion or a family cat. He should settle very easily in a home. He is always happy to welcome visitors to his cat house especially if they come bearing Dreamies.

Fudge is a gentle 10-year-old female black cat who enjoys being made a fuss of, purring loudly when she is stroked! She is really appreciating the comforts of the cathouse, especially her bed, having spent the last 18 months shut outside in the garden. She is spayed and microchipped, has been checked over by a vet and is in good health. Fudge needs a home where she can receive the love and attention that she deserves.

Biggles is a friendly 4 year old black male cat who is looking for a new home following the death of his owner. He is a lovely, friendly boy with a very calm nature although he does love playing with his catnip mouse. Although he would not be happy in a home with dogs or young children he might be able to live with another quiet cat. He loves attention and will keep you company either sitting at the side of you or sometimes on your lap. Biggles has had a hard time since his owner died and is anxious to find another loving home as soon as possible.

Lottie is nearly 8 years old. She is a petite tabby cat with unusual markings, such as her ginger spot on her head! Lottie would be best suited to living in a more rural area, and although she can be affectionate she isn't a lap cat. She is a real character, but would appreciate a home without other animals or young children.

Tiffany is a very sociable black and white girl who loves attention and a lap to sit on. She has just turned 6 years old. Tiffany has been an indoor cat but would welcome the opportunity to go outside in a secure, enclosed garden.

Feral cats
Jessie, Jimmy and Jasper are 3, five month old black and white kittens who need an outdoor home together. They were born outside and despite concerted efforts by their fosters, have struggled to become comfortable in an indoor home, therefore we feel they will be happier in a stables. They need somewhere warm to sleep and two meals a day.

More on Feral Cats

These are a few of the cats in our care at the moment. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a ring on either 01189 722082 or 01189 721 871.

Where are the cats?

We have 26 cat houses with 15 of our members mainly within the Reading and Henley on Thames areas, with accommodation for up to 50 cats and kittens.

Will the cats be spayed or neutered?

Yes, all are spayed or neutered before rehoming.

Do I have to make a donation if I offer a home to a cat?

Yes, we recommend a minimum donation of 30 per cat or kitten. We will accept cash or a cheque, this should be given to the fosterer when you collect your cat. We depend on fundraising to pay for food, heating, spaying/neutering and veterinary treatment, so are very grateful for all donations.

Please contact Yvonne on 01189 722082 or Ann on 01189 721871 for further information.

Some of the cats rehomed through this website