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We have many beautiful cats of all ages and backgrounds waiting for a home of their very own.
Can you find room for one in your home?

We are a small charity based in the Reading, Maidenhead and Henley on Thames areas. We aim to rehome our cats and kittens within approximately a 20 mile radius of Henley.

Kittens (Please read our article : Adopting Kittens)

We have kittens ready to be homed in pairs as well as younger kittens who can be seen and reserved.

Adult cats (Please read our article : Tips on adopting an adult cat)
We have a lot of cats in our care at the moment which are not yet ready to be rehomed. Below are listed some of the cats which are now ready for rehoming. If you do not see what you are looking for please phone us as the situation is always changing as more cats are taken into care.

Sindy is a beautiful dark tortie girl who is reluctantly being re-homed because her elderly owner is no longer able to care for her. She is a very sweet cat, but also very nervous of strangers. She will need a quiet home with no young children, cats or dogs. She will also need a patient, understanding owner who will give her time to come out of her shell. She may go into hiding for the first few days, but once she trusts you she is a wonderful, affectionate companion who loves attention. Sindy enjoys curling up on your lap, she is chatty and sociable around people she knows and trusts. She is house trained, can use a litter tray and cat flap. Sindy loves to go outside and one of her favourite pastimes is rolling around in her patch of Cat Mint. Sindy is about 11 years old, she is in good health with up to date vaccinations. She will be homed under our 'Golden Oldie Scheme'.

Tilly is a very pretty, 4 year old calico/tortie cat. She is a lively, playful girl who is also very friendly and affectionate. She likes spending time outside so would appreciate a home with a garden to explore.

Apollo is a sociable, affectionate 6 month old tabby boy, who loves company. He is very playful and enjoys being played with. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He would suit a family home where someone either works from home or is at home for part of the day.

Minnie Mouse is a petite, tortoiseshell, 6 month old cat. She is an extremely loving, lap cat with a loud purr. She will make a lovely family cat. She is spayed and microchipped.

Sandy McNab is a very handsome fellow with a coat of red, yellow and white gold who is 5 years old. To match his good looks he has a lovely temperament and is very friendly towards everyone. He gets a bit bored if left on his own so would suit a family where there is often someone around to keep him entertained.

Whisky is a nine year old black and white boy. Four years ago he was hit by a car and underwent extensive surgery which successfully saved his back leg but sadly not his tail from amputation. He now has a fused hock and a metal implant in his leg but this doesn't badly affect his ability to get around. He was handed in to us as he was receiving unwelcome attention from local cats and had become aggressive towards his sister. For his safety he needs a rural home where there will be no other cats in the vicinity. He loves human company and is a purry lap cat who dribbles with pleasure!

Oscar is a handsome, 8 year old, black boy, who was handed into the charity, due to his owner's change in circumstances. He is a very sociable cat, who loves attention. He will be a suitable cat for a family with children as he loves everybody.

Meg is a very friendly, 12 month old, black cat who is looking for a new home with Mog her 7 week old, black female kitten. They will make a lovely pair of cats for a family, however, she is very possessive of her kitten, so needs a home without any other animals.

Maisy is a pretty, 3 year old, long haired tortoiseshell cat. Initially, she is shy, but once she gets to know you, she is very affectionate and enjoys company. She previously lived with a single man, therefore, needs a home with either a single person or a couple without children.

Gizmo is a beautiful, black and white, 8 year old boy, who has come into the care of the charity due to a change in family circumstances. He is a lovely, friendly cat who enjoys a lap to sit on. He isn't used to children and doesn't like other cats but may be happy to live with a dog.

Whisky is a pretty 7 year old tortoiseshell cat who is being re homed because her elderly owner is no longer able to care for her. She is friendly on her terms, so would be best suited to an adult only home.

Misty and Magic are 6 month old exotic looking tortie sisters with exquisite markings. They are still quite timid and shy but their confidence is increasing daily. Once trust has been gained, they enjoy being fussed and reward you with loud purrs. They need to be in a home that can give them time, patience and understanding.

Lottie is nearly 8 years old. She is a petite tabby cat with unusual markings, such as her ginger spot on her head! Lottie would be best suited to living in a more rural area, and although she can be affectionate she isn't a lap cat. She is a real character, but would appreciate a home without other animals or young children.

Tiffany is a very sociable black and white girl who loves attention and a lap to sit on. She has just turned 6 years old. Tiffany has been an indoor cat but would welcome the opportunity to go outside in a secure, enclosed garden.

Feral cats - we sometimes have feral cats which need homes at smallholdings, stables etc. They will undertake rodent control duties in return for having somewhere warm to sleep and two good meals a day.

We don't have any feral cats at the moment, please ring for availability. More on Feral Cats

These are a few of the cats in our care at the moment. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a ring on either 01189 722082 or 01189 721 871.

Where are the cats?

We have 26 cat houses with 15 of our members mainly within the Reading and Henley on Thames areas, with accommodation for up to 50 cats and kittens.

Will the cats be spayed or neutered?

Yes, all are spayed or neutered before rehoming.

Do I have to make a donation if I offer a home to a cat?

Yes, we recommend a minimum donation of 30 per cat or kitten. We will accept cash or a cheque, this should be given to the fosterer when you collect your cat. We depend on fundraising to pay for food, heating, spaying/neutering and veterinary treatment, so are very grateful for all donations.

Please contact Yvonne on 01189 722082 or Ann on 01189 721871 for further information.

Some of the cats rehomed through this website