A letter to Precious (Christmas 2006)

Sally Hunt rehomed two kittens at the beginning of the year and has emailed to say - When I received the summer issue I had a real surprise seeing the article about Precious, the sister of my two kittens. I had seen a flyer with her details and a photo at my vet's surgery and had wondered how she was getting on. I have attached a letter. (Precious is the black and white cat with Cerebella Hypoplasia (Wobbly Kitten Syndrome) for whom we were looking for understanding owners with a secure garden).

Dear Precious

I was so pleased to see your letter in the summer issue of 'Paws for Thought'. I have often wondered where and when you would be rehomed - you see I have your brother and sister, Levi and Missy. I remember the first time I saw the three of you in Polly's house. You were the friendly one, falling over yourself (literally) trying to get to the pieces of ham I was holding. I was sorry that I had to leave you behind when I took Levi and Missy, but I knew that they were looking for a special home for you, and I'm sure that you got lots of treats from Polly and her daughter.

Levi and Missy have been renamed Alfie and Kat (with a 'k') - yes, I'm an Eastender's fan ! They have really settled into life here. It took a few weeks for them to 'get to know' Wilma, my 4 year old cat. After a few initial squabbles they now get on well, most of the time - as long as I feed Wilma in a different room, Alfie and Kat eat anything and everything very fast !

The kittens (as I still call them) loved the long hot summer. They spent hours chasing butterflies, bees, grasshoppers - in fact anything that moved, including Wilma's tail. Unfortunately they didn't realise their own size and weight (which in Alfie's case is huge) so when they jumped on a fly resting on my newly planted geraniums they crushed the whole lot - ah well, it wasn't a good year for bedding plants anyway.

Alfie is growing into a very large and extremely soft cat, who loves cuddles, freshly washed laundry and food - he also has a very loud voice. Kat is smaller and daintier. She is very affectionate, but it has to be on her terms. Kat is more adventurous and braver than Alfie - she has been stuck up on next door's garage roof, climbed to the top of the plum tree and singed her whiskers trying to get to the sausages under the grill !

Christmas will be on us soon with all the new and exciting opportunities that it will bring for Alfie and Kat - decorations to play with, tree branches to swing from and turkey giblets to eat !! I hope that you have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home.

Best wishes from Alfie, Kat and Wilma

Love Sally xx