My name is Mr Tibbs, or Tibbsy to my friends.

When I was a kitten I had a family of my own but sadly I lost them. They didn't know about getting us chaps neutered so when I reached my teenage years my hormones kicked in - you know how it is. Well, I decided I wanted to get out and explore, make a name for myself, find some female companionship - ok it was mainly looking for a good time but I blame it all on the hormones. Anyway, off I went in a haze of testosterone. When I eventually came to my senses I hadn't a clue where I was and that was the real start of my troubles.

While I was concentrating on fighting off the competition and getting to the girls I didn't feel too hungry but once I came to my senses I started to worry about where the next meal was coming from. Eventually I spotted a couple of felines who looked as though they had a nice set up - catflap, regular food, somewhere dry and warm to sleep. I decided to muscle in. I thought if I could get rid of them, by fair means or foul, I'd be set up for life.

Sadly their owner had other thoughts. I'd only been there a couple of weeks when she went off to TVAW, borrowed one of those traps and before you could say "Felix As Good As It Looks " I'd been caught. I did feel a fool but to be fair I'd never seen one of those things before and she'd very sneakily baited it with some very tasty morsels.

Next thing I knew I was whisked off, still in the trap, to The Veterinary Centre in Henley. There, without so much as a word of apology, they stuck a needle in my neck and took enough blood to make me feel faint at the thought. Testing for FIV/FeLV they said. I hadn't a clue what that was but learnt afterwards it's two viruses which are fatal to us felines and are very common among chaps like me. Apparently it's all the fighting and fornicating (excuse my language) that spreads these bugs.

Thankfully I was negative and they went on to give me that little op I've since learnt we should all have. It took a while for my hormones to settle down but now they have I'm really glad - none of those uncontrollable urges to go off and create mayhem in the district. I only wish my owners had done the deed when I was little and saved me and that pair of cats such trauma. I really do feel sorry about that now but I suppose with me out of the way they are much happier now.

Do you think it would be too much to hope that someone would give me a home like that now?

The problem is I got into such bad habits before TVAW came to the rescue it's taken me a while to learn to be civilised again. I love having people around, having cuddles, chatting to folks but just occasionally I forget my manners and give the hand that feeds a little nip. Honestly, it's only a little nip - just to say don't leave me. I don't bite, heaven forbid, and I've never drawn blood . It's more a sign of affection but it puts people off.

That and the fact that I'm all black - hence my name, given to me by my fosterer. (Remember Sydney Poitier, in the Heat of the Night? Never mind - you need to be as old as my fosterer to remember that film!) They tell me black cats take the longest time of all to find a new home and I've been waiting since January so I know. My accommodation here is top class - a double ensuite no less but it's not the same as having a home of your own.

So what about it? Think you might like to give it a go? I will if you will!