Our policy on kittens is :
We do not rehome kittens under 8 weeks of age unless they are orphans in which case we might be prepared to rehome them earlier to people who have experience of looking after such young kittens.

We prefer not to rehome kittens to people who are out at work all day although sometimes exceptions can be made if a pair of kittens is being offered a home. At 8 weeks of age the kittens need 4 to 5 small meals a day and lots of attention so it is preferable for someone to be at home at least part of the day.

We do not usually rehome kittens to families with very young children. Over the years we have taken a number of kittens and young cats for rehoming which have been traumatised by young children and in some cases injured. The injuries we have seen range from whiskers being cut off to broken limbs, broken tails and in one case a kitten had had its ear cut off.

We try whenever possible to home our kittens in pairs or a mother with one of her kittens unless there already is a kitten or young cat in the household already.

It is very rare for the charity to have kittens for rehoming in the winter. The vast majority of female cats come into season during the spring and summer months. This means that most of the kittens we have for rehoming are available from about May/June through until November/December.

Please see Cat adoption section for details of any kittens available for rehoming.