TVAW's travelling cats (Summer 2005)

Some of our ex-TVAW cats have become real globetrotters. We know that one of our cats has gone to live in Holland, another to Australia and yet another to Canada. We understand that yet another is to accompany his owner to Japan. Recently we have heard, via email, from Sophie who has gone to the Cayman Islands with her owners who have moved there on business for a few years.

Sophie has emailed us - I arrived in January 2005 after a long flight but was pleased to see all the humans in the arrivals lounge, where mummy picked me up. After a couple of weeks in a hotel I've settled into mummy & daddy's house in Prospect, Grand Cayman, where I have a log to scratch on, and the run of the gardens, sometimes chasing the tree frogs we have here, and sniffing at the lizards. The frogs sometimes hide in the conch shells in the front garden; they can hop and they can hide.

I've also spent some time in the shade of a fallen tree at the back of the house, listening to the church services taking place across a field behind our house.

I've made friends with some local cats, 3 live next door, they're American and meow with funny accents.

It's nice outside but also nice to get into the air conditioned house, also there are fans too to keep me cool, which I found frightening at first but am now used to.