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Golden Oldies

We regularly have several elderly cats in our care seeking new homes for their final years. Often overlooked due to their age, older cats can have a lot to offer. They are generally less demanding than younger cats and need much less supervision, their personalities are well developed and most seniors are just looking for regular good meals, a comfy warm lap and plenty of love!

Sadly, older cats can be very difficult to rehome and often spend a long time with us. In some cases they require extensive veterinary care when they come to us and often need ongoing care for conditions such as hyperthyroidism.

To help our oldies find new homes and to provide peace of mind for their new owners, Thames Valley Animal Welfare run a 'Golden Oldie' scheme which means we cover any ongoing veterinary and medical care which is directly attributed to age. Every cat rehomed over 12 years of age is covered by this scheme.

If you would like to offer a home to one of senior residents please call our rehoming coordinator, Yvonne, on 01189 722082.

If you would like to support our work with these loveable elders please consider making a donation.


Emma, a Golden Oldie cat who has recently found a new home.