Cat Rehoming Gallery

Adopt a cat

Here are some of the beautiful cats we have ready and waiting to be rehomed. If you are interested in offering any of them a home please register online or call us on 01189 722082 / 01189 721871.

We have other cats that are not yet ready and the situation changes every day, so if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch so that our rehoming coordinators can help you find your perfect match.

Rosa and Lily
Rosa 7 years

Rosa and Lily
Lily 7 years

2/3 years

15 years

Oreo and Shirley
Oreo 5 years

Oreo and Shirley
Shirley 2 years

9 years

10 years

8 years

7 years

Feral Cats

Gavin, Stacey & Amber
Stacey 7 months

Jasper and Clive
Jasper 2 years

Jasper and Clive
Clive 7 years