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It is important to TVAW to match the right cats and kittens with the best homes for both you and them. To do this we take many factors into consideration including the cats personalities, requirements and your living arrangements and preferences.

Our rehoming process has three simple steps:

  - Register - register online to let us know your circumstances and what you are looking for

  - Match - our rehoming coordinators will recommend suitable cats and kittens and help arrange for you to visit them

  - Rehome - once you have found your perfect match, you will arrange collection with the fosterer. We like the cats or kittens to be collected within a week of reservation.

Register to adopt a cat or kitten

Our rehoming coordinator will discuss what you are looking for with you and provide advice and guidance on what to consider. We take all circumstances into consideration, but in general:

  - We prefer not to rehome kittens to people who are out at work all day, as kittens need a lot of care and attention. Sometimes exceptions can be made if a pair of kittens is being offered a home and someone can be at home at least part of the day to ensure they are getting the regular small meals they need.

  - We do not usually rehome kittens to families with very young children. Over the years we have taken a number of kittens and young cats for rehoming which have been traumatised by young children and in some cases injured. The injuries we have seen range from whiskers being cut off to broken limbs, broken tails and in one case a kitten had had its ear cut off.

  - We try whenever possible to home our kittens in pairs, unless there already is a kitten or young cat in the household already.

It is unusual for the us to have kittens for rehoming in the winter months. The vast majority of female cats come into season during the spring and summer months meaning that most of the kittens we have for rehoming are available from about May/June through until November/December.