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9 years
Can live with other cats:
Can live with children:
Possibly older children

Darcy is a sweet and affectionate cat who loves to have his tummy tickled. Although he is not a lap cat, he will happily snuggle up against you and fall asleep. He is also surprisingly playful for a 9-year-old.

Poor Darcy has had a tough time of late. Diagnosed with diabetes shortly after coming into our care he spent a couple of months on twice daily insulin injections with regular blood glucose tests. Fortunately, as he has such a lovely temperament (and is very easily distracted by food!) he tolerated this well. He is currently in remission and no longer on insulin. However, because there is a chance, he will relapse his blood glucose levels need monitoring regularly and he will require a special diet for life. Because the diabetes is a pre-existing condition the cost of medical treatment for his diabetes (but not for the food) will be met by the charity. The charity has purchased the equipment necessary to test blood glucose and that will come with him to his new home.

Darcy will need a home with someone who feels confident they will able to manage his medical issue. He previously found living with young children stressful so would ideally suit a home either with older children or without children. It is possible he will tolerate living with other cats.

If Darcy could be just what you're looking for please register online or call us on 01189 722082