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9 years
Can live with other cats:
Can live with children:
Possibly older children

Darcy is a sweet, friendly cat who loves to be the centre of attention. He will quite happily come and sit next to you, roll over and present his belly for tickling. He is also unusually playful for a 9 year- old and enjoys throwing himself around after his toy. As Darcy was nervous around toddlers in his previous home he would suit a quiet home, possibly with older children.

Darcy was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after coming into TVAW care and will require twice daily insulin injections, regular blood glucose monitoring and a special diet. Darcy receives his insulin twice a day during mealtimes and because he is such a calm and food-oriented cat he no longer even flinches. Because the diabetes is a pre-existing condition the cost of his diabetes (but not diet) will be met by the charity.

If Darcy could be just what you're looking for please register online or call us on 01189 722082 / 01189 721871