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Eric and Ollie
12 - 13 weeks
Can live with other cats:
Can live with children:
Older children

Meet Eric and Ollie two adorable sibling boys. After spending a few weeks apart are now completely inseparable, they do everything together. Both are very lively, playful, very affectionate and love human company and interaction.

Ollie just loves life, is the more vocal of the pair and talks back to his fosterer all the time, a real chatterbox! He trills as he runs around, loves to play with a feather tickler and will run round with it his mouth at full speed with Eric in tow, like everything he does it's done with gusto particularly when it comes to food!

Eric is the more cuddly of the two he absolutely adores being picked up and cuddled and is a real lap cat.

They cannot live with dogs because of a previous experience, but could live with older children, both will need extra care in the summer on their ears, and Ollie on his little pink nose

If Eric and Ollie could be just what you're looking for please register online or call us on 01189 722082