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George, Luna and Ebony
Ebony and Luna - approximately 18 months
George - approximately 4 years
Can live with other cats:
Can live with children:

George, Ebony and Luna were part of a homeless colony of cats trapped last summer.

Luna and Ebony are likely to be sisters. Luna was pregnant (she gave birth 2 days after she was trapped), Ebony had already given birth to her kittens in an overgrown garden but when discovered moved her kittens two gardens along where there were many pallets to shelter under. The next 5 weeks were spent locating this family, George was regularly spotted watching over Ebony and her kittens. Eventually the kittens were lured out under a fence into a trap filled with tuna! Once the kittens were safe, we could trap Ebony and George.

George is a soppy affectionate boy who just loves cuddles and to sleep on his human. Luna and Ebony have made good progress in their foster home, they are quite talkative and purr for their dinner, they are gentle souls who are gaining trust in humans, gently take food from your fingers, and provide much entertainment with their lively play.

They need a quiet home and a garden of their own with no other pets where they can gain trust and confidence from their new owner who in turn will be rewarded watching them settle.

If George, Luna and Ebony could be just what you're looking for please register online or call us on 01189 722082