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Maeve and Olive
10/11 months - Maeve, 4 months - Olive
Yes - Maeve, No - Olive
Yes - Maeve, No - Olive
Can live with other cats:
Can live with children:

Maeve is a friendly young Calico. Sweet, affectionate and good natured she is looking for a quiet home with her daughter Olive, with whom she has a strong bond. She can now be picked up, comes when called and responds well to interaction. Maeve enjoys head rubs and sitting on a lap for up close and personal attention.

Ollie is a tortoiseshell kitten who had no human interaction until she was about 9/10 weeks old. She has come along well in foster care but is still timid. She will sit on a lap and let you stroke her but is not happy being picked up and reacts to sudden movements or noises. She will need a family who will continue to socialise her on a calm consistent basis. Ollie enjoys playing with toys on strings, jumping in and out of boxes and pouncing.

If Maeve and Olive could be just what you're looking for please register online or call us on 01189 722082